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root canal treatment

Root Canals

Root Canals Save Teeth. Even though many people talk about how they dread root canals, they are actually wonderful tooth-saving procedures!

What is a root canal?

Permanent teeth have an internal pulp chamber that is comprised of a blood supply and nerve system. When this becomes damaged by deep tooth decay or a hard blow to the teeth (car accident, sports injury) pain, swelling and infection can occur.

Unfortunately, an infected tooth cannot heal itself. Tooth extraction might stop the pain, however, the costs of replacement procedures (bridges, implants or dentures) can be a significant investment. A root canal, when possible, is generally recommended when there is enough remaining tooth structure to support a fixed restoration.

A root canal can usually be completed in one or two appointments. The dentist performs the root canal procedure similar to the manner in which they do a filling; the patient is given a local anesthetic and the damaged tooth is treated while the patient is numb:

  1. The tooth roots are accessed and the infected nerve and pulp tissue are carefully removed.
  2. To complete the root canal, the dentist cleans and seals the roots and pulp chamber with special medicated materials.
  3. The root canal procedure is finalized by placing a dental restoration over the top of the tooth to protect it from further harm, usually a dental crown.

Our dentists may refer patients to see a root canal specialist, an endodontist in some cases. They work closely with the endodontist to coordinate the root canal therapy and final restoration.

Root Canals and General Dentistry in our Pell City Office

The key to comfortable dentistry is to address problems as early as possible to avoid pain and swelling related to extensive infection. Preventive cleanings and dental examinations with necessary digital x-rays are the best defense against painful toothaches.

If you have broken teeth or experience intermittent discomfort with any of your teeth, you should know that dental disease is progressive and teeth do not heal on their own. Please Contact DeShazer Leverton Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to talk about treatment options with our friendly dental team.